Get a free tip from the lottery: Read the Guarantee!

You can have a gambling problem if you believe it. Visit Gamblers Anonymous to get help. Gambling addiction is not something I want to ruin someone’s life. Stop gambling with your grocery money! Get the help that you need now! When placing a bet, use common sense.

You can make your lucky data bullseye numbers personal, such as birthdays, special dates and numerology-friendly numbers. This is doubly UN-lucky! These numbers, especially traditional “lucky” numbers, will be chosen by others so you’ll get a smaller share of the winnings if your win! The same applies to lottery pools where you purchase tickets using money that you have gathered from your friends or coworkers.

According to a retired mathematics professor who wrote a book about the subject, if you don’t have any other system or are just plain guessing, it is statistically better to let the lottery machine choose random numbers for your purposes. This is statistically the best way to reduce your payout if it wins. The same expert claims that “lotto system” is a wasteful use of time and money. Remember the 1895 prediction by another expert that the U.S. Patent Office should be closed because all useful inventions had been made. This “expert” was at that time the HEAD OF U.S. PATENTS OFFICE!

1. If you are looking for evidence that someone’s lottery tips can be trusted, this is the best proof. Checks from winners. 2. You can get testimonials from actual people.

Don’t trust anyone who tries to take your money unless they can offer more than a promise. You can get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the source of your lottery tips (or they don’t seem worth it). You should always buy from a source that gives you at least four weeks to make your decision. I believe that 8 is lucky for the number of weeks covered by a money-back guarantee.

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