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Swindle of the US Green Card Lottery

The US Green Card lottery, which is an official program of the US Congress, provides 50,000 immigrant visas for people from eligible countries. Many fraudsters defraud immigrants seeking to immigrate to America through the DV lottery program as well as those who entered the Diversity Visa lottery program.

These fraudsters call people to claim that they have won the Green Card lottery. People who applied for the DV lottery are easily snatched by fraudsters through cold-calling. People who have been in the program, but are not aware of this scam, may believe these fraudsters and fall for telephone fraud.

Many Americans receive these calls from various phone numbers. The callers attempt to convince them that they have won the Green Card lottery. 5 bandar togel terpercaya However, the caller doesn’t know if the individual has applied for the DV Lottery. These fraudsters also require money and convince people to pay nothing. Tellows is a worldwide community website that combats telephone scams. It was created to stop such harassment.

Tellows makes it easy for anyone to report fraud and helps victims. It is not just a matter of the United States, but it can also be international. There are many other websites that offer protection similar to Tellows. Fraudsters are aware of these services and plan to use them to defraud others. They do this to make money.

The US government runs the Green Card lottery program. It is important to be aware of it in order to identify the scammers. Online applications are the only way to register for the DV lottery program. The US government doesn’t contact winners via mail or e-mail.

Only the E-DV website allows the entrant to check his status and find out if he has won. The scammers who contact consumers to ask for payment and try to get their bank details, are actually fraudsters. Spam emails containing such content are being sent out to people. They also try to defraud them through fake websites, which are similar to the government’s website.

Fraudsters simply call people to claim they have won the Green Card lottery. They then ask for money and request the consumer’s debit or credit card numbers. Tellows warns people about such scams by calling them. Online methods are more effective than telephone calls because they allow users to look up unknown numbers before making a payment.

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