The Bird Legend

Whenever you think of NBA athletes, the first thing that would usually come to the mind of the casual basketball fan is athleticism. This means having blazing speed, a vertical leap that would make a kangaroo jealous, and ferocious dunking ability. However, not all NBA legends were freakish athletes like Jordan and Erving. One such legend who was pretty limited in terms of his athleticism is Larry Bird. Bird is highly regarded as one of the greatest to have ever played the game and could also be the greatest shooter it has ever seen as well.

Larry had a very simple upbringing, having 롤 대리 grown up in the small farm town of French Lick, Indiana. He played college basketball for the University of Indiana and helped lead the team all the way to the 1979 NCAA finals in his senior year where they would lose to Magic Johnson and the University of Michigan. After his senior year at the University of Indiana, Bird was ready to make his NBA debut for the Boston Celtics who had chosen him with the 6th overall pick during the 1978 NBA draft. Due to the rules not allowing players who had yet to finish college to get drafted, the Celtics had to wait a whole year to get Bird.

The Celtics were struggling to reclaim the glory that their franchise once had and they were hoping that Bird would be the missing piece that could help put them back on top. The wait for Larry Bird was well worth it as his impact on the team was immediately felt. With Bird, the Celtics improved their record by 32 games after having a 29-53 record the previous season.

Bird would win the league’s Rookie of the Year award edging out Magic Johnson who was also having a stellar rookie season himself. During his tenure with the Celtics, Bird would help lead them to the playoffs each season. He would also make 5 Finals appearances in his career winning 3 of them. His versatile style of play helped propel the Celtics back to glory in the 1980s where he and Magic Johnson would have one of the most memorable rivalries in all of sports.

Bird was not the fastest or the most athletic player to have ever picked up a basketball, but he made up for it with a deadly shooting stroke, great rebounding, great playmaking skills, and a very solid basketball IQ.


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