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Win worker – The Craftsman Software

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The Win worker software is the professional diligence answer for craft businesses. You keep an eye on all work processes at all times and so always know exactly what the current status of your designs is. Win worker attendants you simply and uncomplicatedly through the entire process of order processing – from the offer to the dimension to the invoicing. With the software you can freely manage your client addresses, master data and bias, and Win worker also creates the cornerstone for a perfect ciphering of your offered services. You optimize your operation with Win worker and so save a lot of time as well as costs.

Thanks to the Win worker app for smartphones, office and construction locality are optimally linked, mobile dimension apps for the iPad make it much easier to determine all necessary dimension data.

 Advantages of Win worker in combination

  • Complete access to the Win worker software in the office, whether you’re at the guest’s place or on the construction place
  • Real- time data synchronization when saving and uploading data (PC PC or Mac)
  • Saving of cost- frightful IT fabric or IT department
  • All elements are up to date

 Features of the Win worker software

With the professional crafter software from Win worker you have a tool with which you can optimally manage the entire order processing. You cause individual and well- calculated offers for your clients. To do this, you simply use your own performance and material manuals or the manuals of connected consorts. Extents are neatly and precisely established. Bills are created fast and securely on the cornerstone of foregoing documents and can also be packed to clients as a PDF bye-mail.

Notwithstanding, the Win worker software offers multifold another functions that make everyday work processes much easier. The compass and outfit of the elemental interpretation alone are unique!

 How it works in

With, garçon- equal work with the Win worker software is possible. You and your hirelings can enter the company data in the Win worker software from anywhere. achieves this through so- called darkness computing. This means The IT of a company (e-mails, MS office, garçon,.) is handled online. A separate, cost- exquisite IT department is so not necessary. All software updates, backups and garçon complexes are handled As an entrepreneur, you can concentrate fully on your core business outside of IT.

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